Pacte obscur de Bettina Nordet

Pacte Obscur – Bettina Nordet

Hello everybody ! Today, I decided to present you the book « Pacte Obscur » by Bettina Nordet. Having been on vacation for 3 weeks, I had the time to discover this fantastic author. Honestly, I really loved this fantastic book made in France. Obscure Pact is the first volume of 3 of the series « La geste […]

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comment préparer son voyage
conseil voyage | Découvertes

Comment préparer son voyage ?

Bonjour tout le monde ! J’espère que vous passez une bonne semaine. Personnellement, je prépare mon voyage en Corée-Japon. Nous allons partir samedi (cela devait être aujourd’hui, mais les grèves Air France en ont décidé autrement). Lors de mes préparatifs, je me suis dit qu’il serait intéressant de vous faire un topo de tout ce […]

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How to prepare your trip ?

Hello everybody ! I hope you’re having a good week. Personally, I’m preparing my trip to Korea and Japan. We will leave on Saturday (initially it was today, but the Air France strikes decided otherwise). During my preparations, I thought it would be interesting to give you a summary of everything you need to do […]

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A brunch in Versailles: Chez Higgins

Brunch in Versailles: Chez Higgins

Today, let’s discover the brunch of Chez Higgins in Versailles. If you like brunches with nice toasts and generous and fresh meals, this brunch is for you. Chez Higgins   Frankly, I have been looking a long time for a quality brunch in Versailles. Brunches in Versailles are often not extraordinary or too expensive. But […]

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