Chosen One – Scarlett Dawn

1 janvier 2018

Let’s go, I’m writing my first article (when it’s time, it’s time). I’m going to start this blog by reviewing Scarlett Dawn’s book « Chosen One ». Why start with this book? Firstly I just finished it (that’s always a good reason) and secondly I love this author and especially the Forever Evermore series which this book is a part of (N ° 6 of the series). This series belongs to the fantasy genre. It brings us into a world full of mysticals (shifters, vampires, elements and mages).

Books 1 to 3 of the series retrace the story of Lily (shifter prodigy) and Ezra (vampire prodigy)

Books 4 to 6 tells us the story of Caro the Element prodigy in 2035.

Book summary

When Philip Masterson sends Caro back in time, he doesn’t expect to set off a series of events that will see her return stronger and more powerful than ever before. But her time spent with the Prodigies, Kings, and Elders in the nineties has long-reaching consequences that no one could have foreseen, consequences that increase tensions between the Mystical leadership when peace is needed.

Then Caro discovers something that changes the entire trajectory of her life, and finds herself torn: between the man she loves and the man who could mean everything, and the life that she’s chosen and the life that she was born to lead.

My review

Honestly, I love Scarlett Dawn. Her writing is great. When you start this book, you get instantly sucked in. Putting your book aside will be complicated.

Regarding the substance, we start the story where the last book ended. Caro, Element prodigy, is stuck in 1990. She is still strong, funny and sexy. In this book, we discover the man she is going to love and each of the characters gradually find their place in her life. Honestly I loved the 3/4 of the book because:

1 / There is action

2 / The romance is great (and a little sexy)

3 / We discover the world of spirits

However, I have mixed feelings after finishing this book. By the end of the book, the journey into the spirit world is a little to long and uneventful for my taste. But this is not my only problem with the ending of this book: in the last 5 pages Scarlett Dawn creates a doubt in the reader’s mind about romance. I can not tell you more without spoiling. But because of these last 5 pages, I didn’t feel the « after I read a really good book glow »(Scarlett Dawn will take at least a year to release the next book .. snif).

My conclusion

This book is a great fantasy book (a combination of a mystical world, action and romance), so you I would recommend this book. However be careful because the end is brutal and it will take a year to have the next book.
If you don’t know the Forever Evermore series, I highly recommend it.  It is better to read it in order.

My rating

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