Where to eat pancakes in Paris ? Holybelly

14 février 2018

Hello everybody ! I hope you are having a good week. This Wednesday, I’m going to talk to you about, my favorite place to eat pancakes in Paris: Holybelly. I warn you in advance, having grown up in the USA I’m crazy about pancakes. So:

1 / I’m demanding when I eat pancakes (annoying is maybe the word)

2 / I risk doing other articles on pancakes addresses.



What can you eat …

When you go to Holybelly, you come eat a breakfast/brunch. You can eat three types of pancakes:

+ Pancakes with eggs and bacon

+ Pancakes with cream and fruits (they’re my favorites)

+ Pancakes with butter or maple syrup

But they also serve chia pudding, granola or toast. There are many other things (if you want more details go see the menu on their website).


What’s the price …

+ Between 9 and 13.50 euros for pancakes

+ The chia pudding and the granola bowl are 8.50 euros

+ Between 2.50 and 4 euros for a coffee

+ Between 4 and 5 euros for a tea

My review…

Holybelly is an address that I particularly like. I’m crazy about their pancakes. Personally, I find them better than those of Pancake Sisters (again this is a personal opinion).

The first time I went, I almost turned around because there was a line in front of the restaurant. I’m not a patient person. I don’t like to wait in line in front of a restaurant, especially if it’s to have the right to eat in a crowded space.

However, I really really wanted pancakes, so I waited. We were 2 so we didn’t wait long (15 mins). And frankly, it was worth it. The tea and pancakes are  delicious. I took the pancakes with cream and fruit (it’s the picture of my article). Having a small appetite, the pancakes were enough for me.

In Holybelly, the team is efficient and polite. They speak english very well. However, you must keep in mind that the restaurant is quite small and there is a lot of people on weekends. So if you want a calm and relaxing atmosphere, do not go there.

If you are looking for a good breakfast to do with your loved ones, the address is for you.

You cannot book a table so do not come too late the weekend.

The address…

Holybelly 5 : 5 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris

What’s your favorite restaurant to eat pancakes ?

→ If you are looking for a nice cafe in Paris (10th), here is the link to my article:Le café de l’église

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