Où manger dans le quartier Lorette-Martyrs (Paris 9ème) ?

Where to eat in the Lorette-Martyrs district (Paris 9)?

28 février 2018
 Hello everybody ! Today, I will give you my 4 favorite places to eat in the Lorette-Martyrs district (Paris 9). I often go out with my friends in that district. So, I’m starting to have my favorite addresses. Wine bar ? Brunch? Asian restaurant ? You will have the answers in this article.

1/Le Milton


What can you eat …

« Le Milton » is a bar where you can eat boards (of cheese / ham) or tapas over a drink with friends (this is the cover photo). For drinks you have many different choices (beer, wine, cocktail, soft etc.).

What’s the price …

+ Plate (cheese, ham or mixed): 14 euros

+ Tapas: between 6 – 9 euros

+ Beer: between 4 – 8 euros

+ Glass of Wine: between 6 – 7 euros

+ Cocktail: 9 – 11 euros

My review…

I love this bar because drinks and boards are very good. In addition, I find that the boards are reasonably priced. But what makes the difference is the after-work atmosphere of the bar and the friendliness of the staff. At the moment, they are taking the orders with electronical tablets. Basically, they give you a tablet when you arrive so you can order directly (it amused my geeky side). However, I advise you to book a table if you want to go.

The address…

46 Rue Lamartine, 75009 Paris


2/Le bouclier de Bacchus


What can you eat …

Le bouclier de Bacchus is a wine bar where you can drink and eat a board(of cheese / ham) or dinner. They have a great selection of wine.

What’s the price …


+ Board: 8.50 euros (the small one) / 17 euros (the big one)

+ Glass of Wine: it starts at 4 euros (this will depend on the wine chosen)

My review…

Frankly, passing in the street of Saint Lazare you will not necessarily notice this wine bar with two large barrels in front. When you arrive, there is no hesitation on the bar. It is a wine bar with bottles of wine up to the ceiling. What I like about this address is the very intimate atmosphere. You just have to choose a good wine and start chatting with your friends. However, I advise you to book a table if you want to go.

The address…

18 Rue Saint-Lazare, 75009 Paris


3/Chez vous


What can you eat …

Personally, I go to the restaurant « Chez vous » to brunch with friends. The brunch is quite complete, it includes: an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet (juices and hot drinks, pastries, toast, cereals, cake & homemade cake …), a salty seasonal slate (quinoa salad, scrambled egg, smoked breast, mozzarella and salad, cottage cheese & homemade granola).

However know that it is not only a brunch, it is also a restaurant.

What’s the price …

+ Brunch: 24 euros

My review…

I like this address for its perfect quality-price  brunch. In addition, the restaurant is not large but well decorated (bright colors), so it is really charming. It’s a nice place to have a brunch with friends.  However, I advise you to book a table if you want to go.

The address…

15 Rue Choron, 75009 Paris




What can you eat …

Yoom is a restaurant specialist in Dim Sum. What is a Dim Sum? These are small dishes (steamed, wok, roasted or poached) created to accompany the tasting of tea.

At Yoom you can eat: steamed Dim Sum, grilled Dim Sum, steamed « Baozi » brioches, rice, salads or soups and desserts (including sweet Dim Sum)

What’s the price …

+ Dim Sum vapors (2 pieces): between 5.2 and 6.5 euros

+ Dim Sum grilled (2 pieces): between 5 and 6.2 euros

+ Brioches « Baozi » steamed: between 5.2 and 6.2 euros

+ Dessert: between 5.6 and 8 euros

+ Menu: 26 euros (9 pieces, shrimp crepes, a side dish) / 21 euros (vegetarian menu) / 12 euros (children’s menu)

My review…

The price is a bit high but the Dim Sum are very good. I think it’s a restaurant that changes from the ordinary. The atmosphere is nice and I like the concept of sharing the Dim Sum with the whole table. A perfect atmosphere to meet after work.

The address…

20 Rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris


Here are my 4 addresses in the Lorette-Martyrs district (Paris 9). Do you have any addresses you could recommend me ?

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