My purchases made in Japan

My purchases made in Japan

30 avril 2018

Japan is known for it’s crazy food. You can really buy very original things. During my trip, I let myself be tempted by food and objects that I brought back to France. I will give you my opinion on these small purchases made in Japan. Not being super organized at the moment, I forgot to note the names of food that I brought to my relatives (sweets, ramen etc). I will only be able to show you the ones I bought for myself.

1 / Oreos Matcha

By choosing these cakes, I thought that I was not taking too many risks. Everyone likes Oreos right ? Matcha is not so bad ? Well, think again. Returning home, these are the first cakes I tested and I regretted it. The mixture chocolate and Matcha does not pass at all in the Oreo. It’s too sweet and the taste is disturbing.

Conclusion: Avoid 

2 / Kit Kat cheesecake

The choice was easy with this product: I like Kit Kat and cheesecake. Why not try it ? Contrary to what you might think, it’s not horrible like the Oreo Matcha. It’s very sweet (not surprising) and oddly it really tastes like cheesecake. So overall not bad.

Conclusion: If you like very sweet cakes and cheesecakes, this is for you.

3 / Kit Kat Wasabi

As you must begin to realize, I have a soft spot for the sweet … I finally cracked for Kit Kat wasabi. I knew that I ventured into the weird kind of food. Frankly, I was expecting an inedible cake. I had bought it more for the fun of tasting it.

But in the end, it’s good. I know this is ultra weird but it’s true. I tasted it with friends and unanimously we judged them good. There is a white chocolate taste and a slight taste of wasabi. It’s not too strong.

Honestly, I’m the first surprise 🙂

Conclusion: To be absolutely tested

4 / Panda stuffed toy at Tokyo Zoo

We bought the stuffed panda at the Tokyo Zoo. As in any zoo, the stuffed toy are not given but it’s a nice memory.  It will please young and old alike.

Conclusion: stuffed toy of good quality

5 / The stickers B-side label

While walking in Cat Street (Tokyo), we discovered the B-side Label store. This brand specializes in original and water resistant stickers. There is something for every taste. The shop is filled with stickers of any size and shape.

I fell for several stickers and I do not regret it.

Conclusion: if you go to Tokyo, go see this shop (Cat street).

6 /  Maneki neko Cat

I did not want to come back from Japan without a Maneki neko cat (lucky cat statuette). Traditionally, statuettes are in ceramic or porcelain. But I fell for this fabric version that I found original. We bought it in Kyoto (not far from the bamboo forest). This cat will be perfect in my interior design.

Conclusion: It’s a shame not to buy a Maneki neko cat when you are in Japan. You will have the choice: ceramic, porcelain, fabric and even wood.

FYI, if you want to buy food a bit original in Japan, this is not complicated because supermarkets selling this kind of products are numerous. You should go to Shibuya to find your happiness.

Shopping: I bought a denim skirt in the shopping center Shibuya 109. If you like fashion, go absolutely in this mall.

I hope you enjoyed this article 🙂

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