A cafe in Paris (10th) ? Le café de l’église

7 février 2018

It is always nice to know some cafés and restaurants in Paris. It’s useful when you want to take a break and go drink with your friends.  So I decided that every Wednesday, I would show you my favorite adresses. I will start with a café that I discovered not long ago. In a café, you can generally drink and eat all day.

If you are looking for a place to have a drink when you come out of an appointment in the 10th district (Paris), this address is for you.

Le café de l’église


What can you eat …

This address is a classic café. It offers different types of beverages (hot drinks, wines, cocktails, beers) trays with cheese or deli meats (ham etc) and main courses.

What’s the price …

+ Between 5 and 6.50 euros for a glass of wine

+ The tray is 15 euros

+ Between 13 and 24 euros for the main course

My review…

I came across this address when I was coming out of an appointment in the neighborhood. We were just looking for a quiet place to have a drink and chat before heading back. By chance, we found ourselves on the church square facing the café. Honestly, when I saw the front, I did not think I would love it.

We sat on the covered terrace and ordered 2 glasses of white wine. The waitress was really welcoming. The view is nice because we are facing the little church. Frankly, this place was perfect for relaxing and having a drink while chatting.

I did not taste the main courses or the trays. People took some around us and they looked good.

I recommend this address if you are in the neighborhood and you want to have a drink.

The address…

2 Place Franz Liszt, 75010 Paris

If you need any advice on your trip to Paris, don’t hesitate. What are the tips and adresses you would want to have ? 

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