Exhibitions in Paris in March 2018

The exhibitions in Paris in March 2018

7 mars 2018

Hello everybody ! What are the interesting exhibitions to see in Paris this month? As I was asking myself this question this week, I thought maybe you would be interested too.

Not being the queen of organization, I tend to discover the exhibitions just before they close. I decided to remedy this by searching for exhibitions that begin in March.


1. Tintoret, naissance d’un génie


Where: Musée du Luxembourg

Date: 07 march 2018 au 01 july 2018

Price: 14,50 euros

Official description of the exhibition: On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the birth of Tintoret, the Musée du Luxembourg celebrates one of the most fascinating painters of the Venetian Renaissance.The exhibition focuses on the first fifteen years of his career. We follow the beginnings of an ambitious young man, steeped in Venetian tradition but open to the many novelties coming from the rest of Italy, determined to renew painting in a cosmopolitan Venice. Profane, ceiling decor or small painting quickly executed, portrait of a prominent personality or close friend, drawing or sketch … the collected works reflect the diversity of the work of Tintoret and his desire to hit the eye and the spirit by his audacity ».


2. Kupka, Pionnier de l’abstraction


Where: Grand Palais

Date: 21 march 2018 au 30 july 2018

Price: 14 euros

Official description of the exhibition: « The outstanding retrospective of the Grand Palais traces František Kupka’s journey, his beginnings marked by symbolism and his gradual evolution towards abstraction, of which he will be one of the pioneers. 300 paintings, drawings, engravings, books and documents unveil his committed and unique personality.The exhibition leads us to discover his artistic and intellectual path and plunges us into a universe rich in colors, shapes and movement.This exhibition is organized by the Meeting of National Museums – Grand Palais in partnership with the Pompidou Center, Paris, the Národní Gallery v Praze, Prague, and the Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki « .


3. Neandertal l’expo


Where: Musée de l’homme

Date: 28/03/2018 au 07/01/2019

Price: 12 euros

Official description of the exhibition: « Since the discovery, in 1856, of his strange skull in the valley (thal) of Neander in Germany (hence its name), the Neanderthal man fascinates as much as it intrigues. Thanks to the great archaeological and palaeoanthropological discoveries of recent times, and the many artistic and popular productions made since the middle of the 19th century, the exhibition draws the portrait of a cousin, source of many fantasies conveyed by a fertile collective imagination. »


4. « Guernica »


Where: Musée Picasso

Date: 27 march 2018 au 29 july 2018

Price: 12,50 euros

Official description of the exhibition:« The Picasso-Paris National Museum will dedicate an exhibition to Guernica, a masterpiece by Pablo Picasso, one of the most famous paintings in the world, thanks in particular to an exceptional set of preparatory studies and archives of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, where the Guernica work remains, which unfortunately can no longer be moved, the exhibition offers a reading of the history of Guernica, an anti-Franco and pacifist symbol, and illuminates the question of Picasso’s political commitment « .


5. Japonismes / Impressionnismes


Where: Musée des impressionnistes de Giverny

Date: 30/03/2018 au 15/07/2018

Price: 8,50 euros

Official description of the exhibition: Japan’s commercial and diplomatic opening in 1868 revealed to Western artists an aesthetic radically different from what they had been taught for centuries, and the reinterpreted period of the ancient model of the arts had been reigning since the Renaissance. unprecedented plastic, which soon inspired the whole of artistic creation in Europe and the United States. The impressionist painters were inspired by the prints that came to them from Japan, of more or less good quality, but framing and always inspiring subjects.


 Conclusion :

I hope you have found your happiness in this selection. Personally, the exhibitions on Guernica and the Neanderthal tempted me. I think I will keep the exhibition in Giverny for a sunny day, to make the most of Giverny (beautiful place – 1 hour from Paris).

And you, are you tempted by an exhibition?


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