A brunch in Versailles: Chez Higgins

Brunch in Versailles: Chez Higgins

15 mars 2018

Today, let’s discover the brunch of Chez Higgins in Versailles. If you like brunches with nice toasts and generous and fresh meals, this brunch is for you.

Chez Higgins


Frankly, I have been looking a long time for a quality brunch in Versailles. Brunches in Versailles are often not extraordinary or too expensive. But this weekend, I think I found the exception: Chez Higgins.

1/ What can you eat …

Chez Higgins is a restaurant open all day. On Sunday, they propose a brunch which is composed by:

+ A hot drink+ A fruit juice

+ One dish: choice between 8 dishes (example of dish: salad with cucumber, salmon, avocado and poached egg)

+ A dessert: choice between 8 desserts (ex: a waffle with caramel)

2/ What’s the price …

+ The brunch is 28 euros

3/ My review…

At first, I was not excited because there were very little comments on this brunch and the price was a bit high. However against all odds, I was pleasantly surprised by Chez Higgins.

Firstly, the interior is really nice and harmonious. In addition, I think the brunch is worth 28 euros because the dishes are generous and fresh. For starters, they served us toasts with jam. They were very generous on the quantity and the bread is really good. After that, I chose the salmon salad (cucumber, salmon, avocado and poached egg) and a « french waffle » (basically a fluffy waffle with caramel or nutella). Again, the portions were generous and the dishes simple, but good. I had trouble finishing my salad.

The only downsides are the quality of the fruit juice (ex: Pago fruit juice … not great) and the limit of a hot drink per person (normally the hot drinks are refueled in this type of brunch … again not great).

If you are in Versailles, you should go to the brunch at Chez Higgins before going for a walk in the park of the castle.

They are family friendly :).

4/ The address…

15 Rue de la Pourvoierie, 78000 Versailles



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Have a nice week 🙂

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